'Big Brother 14': Jenn is self-sabotaging, Joe has a panic attack


The "Big Brother 14" live feeds, after two solid weeks of being completely boring, have really stepped it up this week, so thanks to Shane for that. Monday night (Aug. 20), lots of hamster shenanigans were going on. First off, once Jenn got put on the block as a replacement nominee, she lost her frickin' mind. In a rather unbelievable way. As Britney was pointing out, Jenn's life on "Big Brother" has been super easy so far -- she's never been nominated, she's never been a Have-Not and she won a trip to Maui. It's also like she's just realizing six weeks in that she's playing a game. For money.Now Jenn is an obvious pawn in the effort to send Boogie home and she's storming around the house like a complete nincompoop. Way to put a huge target on yourself should Boogie be able to work his Boogie magic. Jenn is being particularly cold/mean towards...



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