Big Brother Spoilers - The Birth of a New Alliance! (Or Three!)

Well Big Brother fans, the house is getting more interesting by the moment today.  As you know, Shane won HOH and put Boogie and Frank on the block.  Frank won the POV and used it on himself, Jenn went up in his place.  I like to think of Jenn as a plastic vote. She's been sort of floating through this season of Big Brother. She has a great personality, but as a player she is as exciting as watching paint dry.  In terms of keeping Big Brother watchable, I hope Jenn goes; and it looks like that just might happen.

So here's the layout so far.  Shane, Britney, Dan and Danielle are focused on voting Boogie out.  Ian, Frank, Boogie, and Ashley are on the verge of forming a new alliance to save Boogie, however they acknowledge that by doing so they will be drawing a line in the sand.  Did I forget to mention Joe?  Why no, I didn't because ...


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