Royal Pains “Who’s Your Daddy” Review – Someone Gets Some Shocking News

In tonight’s episode of Royal Pains, called "Who’s Your Daddy," Hank treats a polo player, Divya is stilllooking for love and Evan and Paige are dealt some startling news.

Gotta tip my hat to the writers of this show again, because from the previews they showed us I thought for sure that Evan and Paige were going to have some sort of fight and either break up or threaten tobreak up. They were so clever with the editing; making it look like Evan and Paige are fighting when in fact they are struggling to come to terms with some interesting news. First we hear that Paige’s father (aka The General) may have been having an affair, but oh no, turns out the woman in the photo with himwas the one who arranged Paige’s adoption. I can’t even imagine what that must feel like, to suddenly realize that the people who raised you aren’t your birth parents. I wonder why they never told her. I know many families who have adopted and it seems like all of them have been open with their children since day one and it hasn’t been a problem. Maybe Paige’s parents have another reason for keeping it from her, but for now I just hope that Evan can help her through what’s sure to be a very confusing time. Read More... 


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