'Survivor: Philippines' Russell Swan on reality-show return: 'I never thought I'd go down in history for almost dying'

Survivor: Philippines' Russell Swan -- one of three medically evacuated castaways competing on the show's 25th season -- will always be remembered as the dude who almost died on "Survivor." Suffering from extreme dehydration, Swan collapsed several times during a challenge in "Survivor: Samoa" and scared the khaki pants off host and EP Jeff Probst, who called the incident "the scariest moment I've ever had on the show." When we asked Swan in the Philippines about almost starring in a "Survivor" snuff film, he revealed he had "completely false memories" of what happened that day. "The brain is a bizarre thing," he told us. "My memory was that I took a knee to rest, because I knocked myself out, [but] I got up, and I was good -- and they kicked me out of the game!" The environmental attorney, now 45, "stuck to that story" up until he saw the episode aired on TV --...



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