America's Next Top Model: College Edition Preview: Judgement Day

Top Model has undergone a pretty extensive Ty-over going into its 19th (!) cycle - gone are key members of the "faculty" and in their place, we have three new faces, a new cycle theme (college girls), and implementation of social media, which will make the fans the "fourth judge" for the first time. You know what all this Top Model turnover and uncertainty calls for?

A scoreboard.

The panel room has been spruced up a little bit, as evidenced by the behind-the-scenes look at America's Next Top Model: College Edition. Aside from the futuristic-y looking all-white color scheme, you'll notice a scoreboard in the background that's split into two sides. On one, you have the place where the cumulative score will be displayed; we don't know yet if each judge will be handing in numbers to combine with the fan vote or if this will be purely the "fourth score" being outed. On the other, there's a roster where each of the girls will be ranked according to their position in the Top Model hierarchy. This could either be a very good thing for the show, which hasn't been the most transparent at times, or it could bring out some next level cattiness that will take over the rest of the show. Read More...


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