Pretty Little Liars Sneak Peeks: Betrayal and Murder Overshadow the Summer Finale

The penultimate episode of Pretty Little Liars this week seemed to set up Paige as a very bad girl indeed.  Did she have a rivalry with Alison?  It appears so.  Is she dangerous?  Spencer certainly thinks so, although Emily isn't very convinced.  But the girls will soon have bigger problems in next week's summer finale when a betrayer is unmasked.

The finale, appropriately titled "The Lady Killer" promises that "Emily is caught in the crossfire when Maya's murderer is revealed." But that's not all! "With Garrett's trial for Maya's murder starting, the town of Rosewood has become a media spectacle. At odds with her friends over Paige, Emily doesn't know where to turn when the media attention becomes too much for her. "A" sees this as a perfect opportunity and takes advantage of the situation and sends Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer on a path to a possible truce. But is "A's' peace offering real or just a trap for a much darker ending? Meanwhile, Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer are betrayed as someone very close to them is revealed as part of the "A" team." Read More...


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