Anger Management “Charlie Gets Romantic” Season Finale Review

For a show that promised to highlight the importance of women in the life of its main character, Anger Management has had a funny way of showing it over these past ten episodes. The show has had several promising beats throughout the year, but it’s tough to watch this episode and not come away thinking that they have no idea how to write for these female characters.

Kate is supposed to be Charlie’s best friend, therapist, and most trusted confidant. Instead, these last few weeks (and particularly this week) have portrayed her as little more to Charlie than a fulfillment of his sexual desire. Even Charlie reaching for something more is met with disdain before she acquiesces to the occasional trip to the cinema to go along with their next sexual adventure. The two characters have certainly had their moments, but this week didn’t show the best side of their relationship. I know they have a sexual arrangement, but the show had told us it was more than that. After this season, that assertion is getting harder to believe. Read More... 


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