Premium Rush Review

Riding a bicycle can be fun and it’s good, healthy exercise. And in real life, some great competition can be had from a bike race. But it’s pretty difficult to sell riding a bicycle as the basis of a would-be cool action-thriller and there’s a reason there’s not a ton of truly bike-centric movies, after a couple of attempts in the '80s like Quicksilver and Rad. (Arguably the greatest bicycle movie ever made? Pee-wee’s Big Adventure).

That’s the tough road Premium Rush has to face going in, but it’s not an insurmountable one. With the right characters and a clever story, sure, why not? We suspend a lot of disbelief at the movies, so why not go with the flow on the story of a bike messenger who finds himself carrying a valuable package that has him in mortal danger from some unsavory types? There’s room for some cool chase scenes and bike stunts, and it doesn’t hurt to have a terrific actor like Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the lead. Unfortunately though, Premium Rush never really comes together and plays as a profoundly silly film for much of its running time. Read More... 


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