Twixt Review

The most admirable quality that Twixt possesses is that it’s a movie that firmly knows what it is even when the audience does not. It’s a movie of crazy singular vision; unsurprising because it was directed, produced, and written by Francis Ford Coppola, one of the great directors of our time. Does this mean that Twixt is a great movie? Well, no…not by a long-shot. However, it certainly is an interesting one, and that counts for something these days.

The premise is fairly straightforward. As the irony-laden narration by Tom Waits tells us, Hall Baltimore (Val Kilmer), is a third-rate horror writer who’s hit a slump. Ever since the tragic death of his daughter, he hasn’t had the creative drive to write anything other than schlocky novels about witches. After coming to the small town of Swann Valley, he becomes entangled in a murder mystery involving the death of a young girl, the town’s sordid past, and his inability to find a "bulletproof ending" (as Hall’s publisher puts it) to the book he ends up "co-writing" with the town sheriff (played by Bruce Dern…who has no problem hamming it up). Read More... 


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