Falling Skies: "A More Perfect Union" Review

The story picks up right after the exciting conclusion of last week’s episode with Bressler taking Manchester into custody and the 2nd Mass hoping for an opportunity to team up with the Skitter rebels.  Unfortunately Bressler has different plans and immediately places Charleston under martial law.  Thus begins the exciting finale of Falling Skies Season 2.

What’s immediately striking about the opening few minutes of "A More Prefect Reunion" is the complete 180 the story takes from the passive attitude that Arthur Manchester (Terry O’Quinn) endorsed last week.  General Bressler (Matt Frewer) is all about taking action.  On the surface that seems like a great turn of events for the 2nd Mass but it quickly proves to be just as frustrating.  Bressler has no interest in hearing them out regarding an alliance with the Skitters and decides to throw them in the cells anyways. Read More...



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