Wilfred: "Honesty" Review

Getting back to the roots of the show, this week's "Honesty" was a nice reminder of where exactly we left off with Ryan and Jenna's relationship. It had been a while since we'd seen the twosome in any extended one-on-one scenes together, and it was probably about time their unresolved tension was addressed.

Central to this story, though, was Wilfred's cat kidnappings, which really drove this episode to its unexpectedly gripping climax. At this point, Wilfred's rivalry with other animals -- felines, "dobies," or otherwise -- has been a thoroughly established recurring theme throughout the series, and while his incessant torturing to the missing kitties did provide some decent humor, the general bit has gotten a little stale over the course of the season. Luckily, Ryan's obligation to get involved as the rumored "cat killer" did a put a nice spin on what could have easily been a humdrum b-story for Wilfred. Read More...



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