Louie Recap: I’ll Have What She’s Having

It's been a long, sleepless month dwelling on the woman called Tape Recorder, for us as well as for Louie. In tonight's four-weeks-later-follow-up, Louie professes he couldn't make exact sense of that fateful date any better than we could, although he'd had Parker Posey's manic adult dream woman as burned onto his memory as we had. He's been dreaming of Liz saying she loves him, repurposing both that great close-up footage from the credits of her episode and the unforgettable music from the haunting rooftop scene. (Nicely done, C.K.)

"It wasn't like any date I've been on before," Louie later says. "She changed how I feel about everything in one night. And then at the end, I don't know, it just, it got kinda, she just got really sad and, uh, it's hard to describe." Read More...



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