Review - Premium Rush

BIKING BONANZA Joseph Gordon-Levitt cycles away from trouble in Premium Rush

Premium Rush is one of those movies that finds a fresh and catchy vehicular gimmick on which to hang its high-velocity thrills. Ben-Hurstaged a chariot race as Biblical demolition derby, Speed got virtuoso mileage out of a runaway bus, and now director David Koepp has come up with the novel notion of setting an all-too-standard underworld potboiler among the bad-boy community of New York City bike messengers. As anyone who lives in New York (or has even visited for a day) knows well, bike messengers are those low-tech daredevils in brightly colored spandex whose job it is to zip through the gnarled clusters of Manhattan traffic at often irresponsible speeds. That's what's annoying about them, but also funny and halfway admirable: A certain recklessness is built right into their job description. (If they were any less swift, then they wouldn't be of much value.) Read More...,,20591837,00.html 


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