Hit & Run - Review

HIT & RUN Kristen Bell

Dax Shepard, who stars in the agreeably shaggy romance/chase movie/Tarantino knockoff Hit & Run, has a talent for playing sleazy-smart deceivers who have somehow held on to their innocence. In Hit & Run, which he wrote and codirected (with David Palmer), he plays a retired crook named Charlie Bronson (a fake name chosen when the character ditched L.A. to enter Witness Protection). Squirreled away in a pastoral small town, Charlie got involved with Annie (Kristen Bell), a college professor who adores him — but is also terrified by the fact that she knows next to nothing about him. Looking at Shepard, who has the lopsided grin of a happy-talk used-car salesman, offset by very serious eyes that perpetually study whomever he's babbling to, we know just how she feels. Read More...



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