True Blood Review: Capture the Rapture

Great Godric's ghost that was intense! Like Maurella did, tonight's season finale delivered and then some. It was kill or be killed this week as "Save Yourself" featured more bloodshed than all other episodes this season combined. In a season fraught with story lines, Alan Ball's swan song did well to wrap up a number of issues while still leaving fans thirsting for more. 

After seeing how easily he fought off the Authority and disposed of the Fae Elder last week, many wondered who if anyone could stop Russell from draining every last member of Claude's family. In what was one of the best opening scenes I've witnessed, Eric left me speechless as he reduced Russell to a puddle of goo and settled an ancient debt. After that scene, the feeling coursing through me was probably like the one Debbie Pelt must have felt the first time she tried V and like her, I wanted more.  Read More...


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