'True Blood' finale recap: Bloodbath! Who died in 'Save Yourself'?

"True Blood's" Season 5 finale was just as bloody as exiting showrunner Alan Ball promised. Shocking? Not so much. Let's tally the bodies -- and goop -- shall we? (WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD!) By chugging the last of Lilith's blood, Bill (Stephen Moyer) apparently met his true death -- dissolving like the Wicked Witch at Sookie (Anna Paquin) and Eric's (Alexander Skarsgard) feet. Unfortunately (sorry, we are on Team Kill Bill) -- he was reborn, arising nude and blood-drenched like Lilith, as Eric ordered Sookie to run for her life. At least we know who the big bad will be in Season 6? Before deifying himself, Bill flattered Salomé into believing Lilith told him she was the true prophet. She sealed the deal by drinking Bill's silver-poisoned blood mickey. If there's anything worse than a true death, it has to be Bill lecturing you about your "impatience" during your last agonizing seconds. Bill is the last...



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