'The Newsroom' finale sets up Season 2 with new stakes and all the greatest fools

"The Newsroom" was one of the most polarizing shows of the summer, with extremely vocal critics and supporters alike. In Sunday's Season 1 finale, some loose ends were tied up, but even more were left hanging loose, setting up a Season 2 with higher stakes than ever. First, let's talk about romance. Jim and Maggie have built up a palpable, powerful tension over the course of the season, culminating in him racing to her house in order to "gather his rosebuds" in some grand, romantic gesture -- and, instead, finding himself (again) settling in a relationship with Lisa. Months later, Maggie was waiting for a commitment from Don, who seemingly still thought of her as a late-night phone call, as we saw in the pilot. Exhausted from working overtime and from strained relationships, Maggie fully lost her cool on the side of the road, screaming at a bus full of "Sex and the City" fans...



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