'Breaking Bad' episode 507 - 'Say My Name': Mike checks out

As "Breaking Bad" has chugged along this summer and Walt has had an answer to every new obstacle surrounding his business, it had started to seem like the show would go out with a whimper more than a bang at the end of these eight episodes.After "Say My Name," that's not an issue. (Spoilers. Big ones. Dead ahead.)Walt, confronted with a problem he can't solve -- and with his own culpability in the direction his life has taken -- acts rashly and shoots Mike. He then experiences the most genuine regret we've seen him feel in a long time. Whether he's more anguished over killing his friend (? colleague? However you'd classify their relationship, Mike has been a big part of Walt's life in the past year) or how it affects his business is an open question. But his "What did I just do?" look as he sees Mike's car careen into a rock* is...



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