Breaking Bad 5.07 'Say My Name' Recap

For everyone who felt that the dynamic trio of Walter, Jesse, and Mike felt like a bit of a stop-gap between what happened last year and what things will really be like with Walter in charge, well this is the episode for you. Mike and Jesse remain determined to get out while Walter tries to start a new enterprise that will be bigger than anything anyone's imagined for his type of business. Elsewhere, Hank struggles with trying to finally fully close the Heisenberg case all to the detriment of his blossoming administrative career.

Following last week's cliffhanger of Walt stealing the methylamine and hiding it before Mike could sell it off we open the episode up on a desert meet with the proposed buyers. Mike lets Walt run his little tough-guy song and dance as he goes about changing the terms of the deal. There will be no sale, but instead Walt will fold this crew into his operation--having them act as his distribution since Mike is intent on retiring. At first, the crew is rightfully skeptical of this stranger coming in and calling the shots but soon they learn who they're dealing with as they realize this is the somewhat legendary Heisenberg in the flesh. Apparently the crew has been trying to pass off their own shoddy product as the blue stuff by dying it so Walter convinces them it's in their best interest to just get the good stuff from him directly. Read More...


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