Breaking Bad Recap: Thirty Seconds Flat

"Say My Name" contains two sequences so powerful that they elevate what what was an otherwise just-okay Breaking Bad episode to near-pantheon heights.

The first is playground scene in which DEA agents converge on Mike as he's watching his granddaughter on the swings. The scene echoed Michael Mann's Heat (much referenced on Breaking Bad), in which Robert DeNiro's thief boils the film's macho-existential dilemma down to a line: "Don't let yourself get attached to anything you are not willing to walk out on in 30 seconds flat if you feel the heat around the corner. "You could see by Mike's face that for the first time in his long, bloody life, he understood what that credo meant. The fact that it wasn't an abstraction anymore — that it was as real as his granddaughter on the swings — threw him for a loop. His brain was telling him one thing, his heart another. He listened to his brain and left Kaylee on the playground. As the episode's writer-director Thomas Schnauz cut to a long shot of Kaylee obliviously swinging — squeak squeak, squeak squeak — I was reminded of Mike's conversation with Lydia in "Madrigal": Mike threatening to kill her with her daughter in the next room and saying, "Nobody's going to find you, Lydia," and Lydia replying, "I can't just disappear. She has to know I wouldn't leave her … My daughter's not thinking I abandoned her. " Read More...


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