Breaking Bad Semi-Finale Clip - Heisenberg and Lydia

How about that Breaking Bad?  When Walt told a dying Mike that he just remembered he could have gotten the names for Lydia, you knew you'd be seeing her again, and here you have it.  Only now Lydia fears Walt a lot more than the did Mike.  You have to give Lydia some credit, the girl has a handle on what is going on.

Does Walt really have a full proof plan of taking care of the not-so-silent nine?  It seems like an insurmountable task, but that is the trademark of Breaking Bad.  For five seasons now we've marveled at Walter White's criminal improvisation,  so while it might be a little morbid, I'm very curious as to how Mr. White will figure out how to kill ten people who are currently in the prison population. Read More...


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