Weeds Sneak Peeks: Andy's New Wife and Nancy's Old Identity

Weeds has been all about impulsivity. All the death, destruction, ruined lives, location changes - at the root, they're all about split-second decisions that have put the Botwin family on the brink time and time again. This is a show about those moments.

On the next episode of Weeds, titled "Threshold", ever-impulsive Andy might be regretting his decision to marry the waitress from the restaurant. Though they bonded over her smile and their mutual lost appendages, Andy kind of forgot to ask her about his make-or-break issue: children. He couldn't do it anymore with Jill because of her false pregnancy and the low chance of bearing a child, but Andy went from someone who might not physically be able to have a child to someone not emotionally ready. The waitress is a 22-year-old only accustomed to playing with her cousins, not a woman in the right space to bring any new life into the world, and this marriage might already be over because of that. Read More...



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