'True Blood' Season Five Finale Recap: 'Save Yourself'

Russell Edgington suffered the true death (finally!), Sheriff Bellefleur became a daddy (four times over!), while Bill showed us his teeth (and not in a good way). In short, it was everything you'd expect from a "True Blood" season finale. Let's get to it.

The fae way
The episode picked up right where last week's penultimate left off, with Russell high on faerie blood and headed straight for the enchanted ones' lair. Despite hurling all of the light at him, the fae could not deter him, and it looked as though the villainous vamp would break through until Eric sneaked up behind him and staked him good, finally exacting the vengeance he'd so longed for. Sookie ran to make sure Jason was okay after being blasted, which left her momentarily vulnerable to Eric's "sister" Nora. In a nice throwback to an earlier episode, Nora asked what Sookie was, to which Eric replied, "She's a waitress." He then recruited Sookie for his Vampire Authority rescue mission, with Jason (who was seeing visions of his parents) in tow. Read More...



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