Warehouse 13 Review: Reflecting On Our Choices

After last week’s look at a new artifact in the making, this week we revisited one of the creepiest artifacts to ever affect and agent when Lewis Carrols mirror resurfaces along with Dr. Calder.

First off, welcome back Lindsay Wagner, we have missed Dr. Vanessa Calder while you were way. How awesome was it to see Artie and Vanessa giggling and laughing. Sadly, as with many of their dates we get to see, this one suffered from some "Fractures."

Honestly, for as smart as Artie is, sometimes he can be really dumb. I expected that if anyone knew the way to keep loved ones safe was to keep them close, not to push them away it would be Artie Nielsen.  Thankfully Vanessa seems to have more sense and flat out told Artie he was being an idiot with this Warehouse 13 Quote:  



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