The L.A. Complex Review: Behind Closed Doors

Tonight's episode of The L.A. Complex is appropriately titled "Half Way."  Why appropriate?  Because I feel invested in about half of the storylines in tonight's episode.  Best week goes to Raquel again with a close second to Kaldrick.  I like Kal out of the mission much better than in it.  And this week took him out and made him deal with Infinite Jest's absurd lawsuit. 

When it first came up, and the lawyer, Christopher Taylor, asked Kal to mentor Jest, I thought perhaps Infinite Jest might be another gay character who was trying to find a way to meet with Kal behind closed doors.  Wrong for now, I suppose.  Maybe Christopher took the pro bono work knowing he would have contact with Kal.  I liked how there was some circuity in this episode between the first moments with Kal and the last with Kal.  In bed with Dawna, things were unnatural; he couldn't make it happen. Read More...


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