Masterchef: Down to the Final Four

It’s down to the final four tonight on Masterchef and the remaining home cooks seem determined and ready

to fight to the finish. After the elimination of Monti last week, we are left with four seemingly competent cooks, all of whom deserve to possibly take home the final prize and title of Masterchef.

On tonight's episode, the four remaining Masterchef hopefuls face their most intimidating challenge to date in which they are tasked to pair up and prepare a three course meal for not only the judges, but also three of the world’s top chefs whose Michelin star count would make most professional chefs’ heads spin. The contestants partner off with Christine and Becky taking on Frank and Josh, who are blatantly working through a bit of animosity left over from Frank’s choice to throw Josh under the bus at the last pressure test. Read More...


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