Big Brother Spoilers 8/28/2012 - Alliances as Strong as Jello

So if you've been following our Big Brother feed reports you know there has been some pretty amazing developments in the house. Frank double crossed Ian by tricking him into not using his veto while convincing Jenn to bring Dan down.  Why would Frank want Dan off the block?  Because Dan spilled the beans to Frank about how Ian was the Mole that ultimately brought the silent six to an end and sent Boogie home. This heated things up enough to forge one of the most likely alliances in Big Brother history, Frank and Dan.  Frank put Brintey up to prove to Ian that he was not in control, Ian reacted exactly how you would expect a narcissist to react, by telling everyone he would use his Big Brother super powers to evict Frank for stabbing him in the back.  The side effect of this rant was that Ian revealed he had been working with Frank, something Ian still doesn't seem to realize, but every last soul in the house has taken note of.  So public enemy number one slot is now shared by Frank, Dan, and Ian, but only Frank and Dan seem to be working together for the time being. Read More...


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Aug 30, 2012 1:18PM EDT

Wow Dan is really a good talker no wonder he won during his time. Ian you have just been served. Shane you better win HOH Thursday and finally bb14 is a great social, psychological game.

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