Sword Art Online Episode #07 Anime Review

we move to June 24, 2024. Asuna is getting her weapon sharpened at Lisbeth’s, a female weapon smith’s shop. The two seem quite friendly, and Lisbeth notices that Asuna has a new sense about her. She has something she cares about. Later on, Kirito comes to the shop, as he is looking for a new weapon. He tests out one of Lisbeth’s blades against his current one, a high level sword dropped by a monster, one of the best obtainable that way. His sword wins. Lisbeth is upset, but undeterred from his proposed commission for her to make an even better sword, if she can. But it will require high quality metal, something that can be gotten only from a dragon in the Western Mountains of Floor 55. And she has to come along. Read More...



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