Polar Bear Cafe Episode #21 Anime Review

While Penguin’s personality can be frustrating, sometimes you just have to look at his friends to understand why that massive sweat drop is almost a constant on his head. Panda in particular has like raised his frustration level a lot in the last several months with the things he gets involved in. Take the start of this episode where Panda has decided that he doesn’t want to be a panda anymore and has managed to secure himself a position in the Badget exhibit at the zoo. And has dressed up in a badger costume and is all set to do things that badgers do. Except that badgers are pretty industrious and busy with their hole digging and the like. Panda just wants to sleep, and so begins his desire to try out other jobs until he can find the one that he likes. Which strangely enough continues to get approved. Read More...



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