Poyopoyo Episode #33 Anime Review

Cats and baskets and boxes is always a favorite thing of mine, though I have a cat that has no interest in either which is just bizarre. We get some cute stuff at the start here with Poyo being all part of a basket design for a bit, but it then shifts to Kuro’s owner who talks about how her cat handled baskets when she was a child. Since that was back during World War II, it has an amusing twist to it with why she didn’t like baskets. The show also shifts gears well to spend time on the festival that’s coming up and some of the silliness of it with the song that’s sung and how dangerously addictive it can be. Seeing the men freak out over it once Moe starts to sing it is priceless since they know it’ll be stuck in their heads. Read More...



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