Kuroko’s Basketball Episode #04 Anime Review

As the friendly competitive match has moved along, we’ve seen some good moves from both sides as those related from the General of Miracles start to get their game on, especially when Kise is put in to really put a crimp in Seirin’s plans, but there are other things afoot as well. We saw the Seirin folks get winded very early on, which isn’t too much of a surprise since it’s mostly a new team not used to work together, but there are some good pushes made against the competition. What becomes interesting is that as it went along and it became obvious what the problems were, we had the kind of out loud push from Kagami to use Kuroko to his advantage in order to win. The two have an unusual relationship as expected, but they’re not making it clear they’ll use each other to achieve what they want, which is victory. Read More...



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