Kuroko’s Basketball Episode #08 Anime Review

Kuroko’s Basketball worked rather well for me the lsat time around as it dealt with several games in one episode, hinting at some, showing bits of others, and generally just moving things along so that we can get to where they want to be. The downside to this kind of quick movement is one that is definitely holding the series back in that we really don’t know these characters. It’d be the same no matter the sport, but the comparisons to Slam Dunk are easy and obvious. While that series dragged out its matches too far at times, it did spend a lot of time with practices and character building. We learned a lot about each of them during both practice and game, but here we get just a sliver as to who they are. It’s more that we know what they’re competing against than anything else, which is unfortunate since this has such a great look to it and could be so much more. Read More...



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