Kuroko’s Basketball Episode #19 Anime Review

With the hard and harsh defeat against Touou, one where they played themselves to near exhaustion, you have to admire what they did and the way it impacts them. They’re not lost or despondent, but there is an anger to it that’s barely visible. No weeping, no outward attacks of vitriol or anything else, but just the tacit admission that they played their best against an incredible opponent. One that really has shocked just about everyone who saw the game and the way that Aomine played. While we see the fallout from it, the truth is quickly becoming clear that the one that will take it the hardest isn’t likely to be Kagami but rather Kuroko. With his status as one of the Generation of Miracles, going up against Aomine was always going to be an incredibly challenge, but this just paints him into a corner. Read More...



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