'America's Got Talent' Recap: The Semifinals Begin

How long have we been watching this show? 8 months? A full human gestation period? It feels like a long time, and I blame Gabby Douglas for that. It's the beginning of the Semi-Finals tonight, and only three from this week will go through. I hope some acts get mad X's.

The first act is Andrew de Leon. We just saw him! Last week! I was not impressed! This week he's wearing a Black Swan inspired outfit and singing "Ave Maria." There's a bit of a croak to his voice starting out, and I'm sort of wondering when America will get over their rally cry for Andrew that originated in his audition. I do think this was far better than last week, though. It didn't sound crazy, it sounded pretty. He hit all the notes, too, so the night is off to a good start. Howie loved it, Howard thinks sometimes it's getting strange and too much about the Story. I love Howard, I'm glad he's being straight up. Sharon suggested not wearing all the makeup and contacts, which would strip him of all the "talent."



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