Grimm Sneak Peek: Monroe and Rosalee Take the Next Step

Monroe and Rosalee have been endearingly old-fashioned in their slow burn of a courtship. Ever since the latter assumed control of her murdered brother's spice shop, the two have made it obvious they're interested in one another, but they've yet to really act on it. Outside of a few exchanged smiles, a whole lot of time spent together, and Monroe growing protective over the newest member of the Grimm team, there hasn't been that much progress on the relationship front.

Granted, it's pretty understandable, considering they have to do battle with reapers, royals, and plain ol' regular joe Wesen on a weekly basis. Fearing for your life doesn't exactly lend itself to romance, but on the next episode of Grimm, titled "Quill", they manage to find a little quiet time together. After a pretty eventful picnic together that was disrupted by a disease-carrying creature that staggered out of the woods, Monroe and Rosalee are finally the spice shop. And all the tension, all the unaddressed feelings between the two come out in a kiss, initiated by Rosalee. Read More...


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