Movie Review: Sparkle


This 1976 film remake is set in the 1960's, where three stunning and independent sisters try their luck at celebrity in a singing group. Their first of many hurdles however, is sneaking out of their mother's house. As heavily publicized, the late great, Whitney Houston shines a new light on the role as the no nonsense mother in her final on screen performance. And named to play the role of Sparkle, is Jordan Sparks, the American Idol winner. This pinpoints her debut role as an actress but, revisits being the last one standing in the movie, when her group is significantly narrowed down after being forced to face their priorities.

Sparkle glitters the road to becoming a star with the excitement of living one's dreams. The camaraderie of sisterhood, the hushed crowd creating a trembling silence while taking in the groups first performed notes, the background tension of their manager getting them on stage by the "skin of his teeth" and the art form that is created before your eyes as the girls discover vigorous appreciation, gives Sparkle it's charm and luster. Read More...


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