Little Birds - Review

ADOLESCENT HEARTACHE Juno Temple and Kay Panabaker in Little Birds

An alienated-teen movie that surfs along on the whims and casual cruelties of its central character runs a risk: It can wind up as random and undisciplined as she is. Instead, Little Birds is a touching and distinctive achievement. It's not just another movie myth of delinquency-as-rebellion. It gets at the nitty-gritty of adolescent aimlessness and despair, and the way that certain kids act that out. The kid, in this case, is Lily, who lives in a California trailer park along the dirty white shores of the Salton Sea. She's played by Juno Temple, who is quite petite, with a cascade of frizzy-wavy hair and a face that always looks as if it's about to burst into tears. Even when she smiles, there's a deliquescent sadness to her, but as Lily, she's also feisty as hell, like Lisbeth Salander as a tough beach chick in cutoffs. Read More...,,20625334,00.html 


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