Bachelorette - Review

BOOZEFEST Lizzy Caplan, Isla Fisher, and Kirsten Dunst embrace the single girl lifestyle in Bachelorette

Just a year or so ago, girls behaving ''badly'' — really raunchy, really messed up on drugs, really promiscuous and narcissistic — seemed to be a revolutionary flavor in movie comedy. To see how quickly it's become the new normal, check out two current high-profile indie comedies. Bachelorette (R, 1 hr., 24 mins.; opening Sept. 7 but available on VOD) follows a bride-to-be and her three friends over the course of one endless, drunken, hapless bachelorette party. The movie would like to be Bridesmaidsmeets Superbad meets a very special episode of Snooki & JWoww. For a Good Time, Call...(R, 1 hr., 25 mins.; now in limited release) tells the tender tale of two roommates who team up to launch a phone-sex line. Whatever their virtues or flaws, each of these movies makes the dirtiest episode of Sex and the City look like Doris Day fluff. Read More...,,20620160,00.html 


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