Lawless - Review

WESTERN GANGSTER Tom Hardy runs from trouble in Lawless

In the 1920s-set gangland drama Lawless, Tom Hardy sheds the metal face-hugger he wore inThe Dark Knight Rises and shows you what an eloquent actor he can be. He plays Forrest Bondurant, the leader of a family of bootleggers in the Virginia hills. Several years into Prohibition, Forrest learns that his status as a lone-wolf operator is threatened. An effete psycho played by a wildly grotesque Guy Pearce leads a band of government flunkies in bed with the Mob — and they all want in on the action. To Forrest, though, running his moonshine racket as an independent business is his right as an American. Taking this stand means he's going to face an army of goons, and Hardy, speaking in low, flat, almost musically macho tones, has the bruiser charisma of a caveman Kevin Costner. It's not the money he's clinging to — it's the freedom. Read More...,,20591829,00.html 


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