America's Next Top Model: Watch the New Opening Credits Here

The fairly promising premiere of America's Next Top Model: College Edition allowed the show to keep the momentum that it built for itself last season. While nobody was looking, Top Model built itself back into a fairly enjoyable program and the debut episode of cycle 19 hinted that cycle 18 might not have been a fluke. The show might actually be ready to go through a creative renaissance by aping its former, more addictive self and fusing those tropes with the year 2012. Ahead of the second episode tomorrow night, the latest opening credit sequence has been released, but does it live up to the premiere's potential?

Yes and no. On one hand, the brief clip is visually striking and different enough from the other opening sequences in the show's run to stand out. On the other, you don't have any of the girl's names featured, so as to be able to connect each face to a name in the especially crowded early days of the cycle, and its length (15 seconds) combined with its jumpiness makes it feel more like a bumper than a full-fledged intro. It's not my least favorite opening sequence in the entire 19 cycle history of Top Model or anything, but it could have been a little less flashy and a little more straightforward, if only to show off the cast. Read More...


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