Knight In The Area Episode #01 Anime Review

So, in the World Cup, the Japanese national team is playing Brazil. Brazil is up 2-1, but Japan is pressing, desperate to put one in the back of the net and level the match. Thanks to the brilliant attacking of Suguru Aizawa, Japan manages to get the equalizer. While Japan have a good squad, going up against Brazil and keeping the score to 2-2 in the World Cup…I think we’re in the land of fantasy.

But the focus of the show isn’t on the genius striker. Instead, our story centers on his younger brother Kakeru, who is the manager for the Kamakura Middle School team, on which his older brother plays. Kakeru cheerfully goes around picking up loose balls, bringing players water and other items of equipment, all the time smiling and staring in awe of his brother. But things are not so simple and straightforward as that. It appears that Kakeru was once a player himself, a rather good one, and several of the second stringers on the team tell him that he should play again. Also telling him to do so is the pretty new transfer student Nana Mishima, who apparently knows Kakeru from back in elementary school, where she played soccer with him (and was called Seven by him and the rest of the team, a reference to her jersey number and also a pun on her first name, as nana can mean the number 7 in Japanese). Read More... 


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