Knight In The Area Episode #03 Anime Review

So, after an action montage, we go back and forth from the harrowing present to the happy past, as we see Suguru, Kakeru and Nana when they first met as young kids, and we learn that it was Kakeru who gave Nana her nickname of "Seven." These scenes from the past provide a pleasant contrast to the present, where we learn from the emergency room doctor that Suguru is brain dead while Kakeru is on life support. Things do not look good at all for the brothers.

The sad mood comes to the flashbacks as well when we see again the scene where Nana tells everyone that she’s leaving with her family. Kakeru takes it very hard, being the sensitive boy he is. Before she left, however, she gave Suguru a pair of keepsakes for him and Kakeru, to remember their promise that one day they’d all wear the Japanese national uniform. As the flashback ends, Kakeru wakes up. It’s not a happy present that he wakes up to, as the doctor tells him about the death of his brother. And to complicate matters, Kakeru’s chest injury was extremely serious, enough to require a heart transplant. As it happens, Suguru was an organ donor… Read More... 


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