Knight In The Area Episode #04 Anime Review

And so, after the near-impossible left-footed kick that Kakeru made to save the little girl, we learn more about the "effects" of the heart transplant. Nana talks to one of the doctors, who tries to tell her that there are stories recorded of transplant patients gaining the memories of those whose hearts they have received. Kakeru and Nana also pay a visit to Suguru’s grave, where they meet Suguru’s old rival, the Brazilian under-15 star Leonardo Silver (the subs say that, while the episode description is different. Ahh, the fun of transcribing foreign names into Japanese). In the presence of his old rival, Suguru’s heart beats harder, sensing his presence.

Ahh, sure, I realize they need to do this for the story, but frankly, I’m starting to roll my eyes a bit too often at the "magical" part of the show. I really wish they would just get on with the soccer and put an end to the supernatural gaining of balls…I mean heart. Read More... 


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