Knight In The Area Episode #05 Anime Review

So, time passes on. Kakeru and Nana are now heading off to high school, specifically Enoshima High School, where they plan on pursuing their soccer dreams. First things first, of course, they need to find the Soccer Club. They do, and it turns out to be filled with weird eccentrics. Not exactly the best start, but they don’t seem to mind.

And then it turns out that things just get worse. First of all, when the amazing Araki is brought in, it’s shown that he doesn’t even play soccer anymore, but has become a fat and lazy otaku. Then, it’s revealed that Enoshima High has two soccer-related clubs: the Soccer Club, which participates in matches with other schools, and the play-for-fun Football Club, which is the one that Kakeru and Nana have been tricked into joining. Of course, this will probably be for the best down the road, as the Soccer Club looks like it is more a drilling camp ruled over by a martinet, not a place where one could really enjoy the beautiful game. Read More... 


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