Knight In The Area Episode #07 Anime Review

Apparently, Ryuichi Araki can magically drop a large amount of weight in only 10 days. Too bad his diet plan probably doesn’t work in the real world.

But his presence in the game is immediate and powerful. After an amazing run through the SC’s defense after intercepting a pass, Araki drives straight for the goal. The keeper is forced to come off his line, but instead of overpowering him, Araki simply chips the ball over him as the goalkeeper dives for the ball. Now, he probably won’t be able to do that trick again, but he won’t need or want to, as it is his unpredictability that makes him such a problem for the stolid SC side.

Now with Araki directing the flow of play, the SC gets taken out of their comfort zone, especially when Kakeru and Araki begin hitting long shots from the edge of the penalty area. For someone who knows the game well, it’s fairly obvious what Araki is planning, drawing out the defense to create a chance for Kakeru to slip through for an easy one-on-one with the keeper. Thanks to the strategy, the game is tied up on a goal by Kakeru. Read More... 


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