Knight In The Area Episode #08 Anime Review

And the final, desperate last shot from Kakeru heads towards the goal. But the keeper gets a hand on it, enough to deflect it from going in. It spins away and heads towards the line. It heads towards the line. But doesn’t quite get there.

So, that’s the end to the game, a 3-3 draw. Everyone is tired, but most of all Araki, who collapses. Except that he doesn’t collapse from fatigue, but from hunger (apparently the getting fat part isn’t all a lie).

But this leaves things uncertain in terms of which team will represent the school. A decision will have to be made on this point. The two coaches confer. The coach of the FC, Mr. Iwaki, makes a startling announcement to the coach of the SC, Mr. Kondo: he tells Kondo that he plans to disband the FC, and asks Coach Kondo to take on his players, adding them to the Soccer Club. Iwaki goes over the strengths of the individual players. From the best of the two squads, there is the potential for a national championship team. Kondo listens to his junior, but then one-ups him. It seems these two men have a past, going back to when Iwaki was a player on the soccer team and Kondo was the coach. The dispute the two men had back then caused a rupture in the school’s team, leading to the creation of the FC and the SC. That rupture apparently held Enoshima back from winning the national championship that year. And so Kondo decides that it is time to make amends for that mistake: he will disband the SC as well and ask Iwaki to take over the new, united, single Enoshima Soccer Club. Read More... 


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