Review: The Knight in the Area Episodes #10 Anime Review

And so it all comes down to this. A fearsome match with Nana running for her life. What is on the line? A world championship? The title of greatest player in Japan? No, just Nana trying her best to avoid getting groped by a bunch of horny boys during gym class. It’s funny to think that even though she is a nationally-selected player, Nana still has to participate in gym class. And that national team calls again, as now there is a match against a German team, SF Frankfurt, for the Nadeshiko to face.

But Nana’s little secret is out as Kakeru and friends discover the media coverage of the Nadeshiko Japan game. And so he and the comic relief gang (Kaoru, Takase, and Kota–that seems to be Kota’s only purpose in this entire show) go to watch the game. There, Nana is in for it, as she is forced to go up against the tall, blonde-haired blue-eyed Mina Meier, who is not only an amazing soccer player but also a model. Umm, sure, why not. Mina scores first, but of course Nana fights back, using her smaller size and greater mobility to counter Mina’s power and speed. And so we get a tough match including trash talking between Nana and Mina in English (with strong Japanese accents!). Read More... 


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