Review: The Knight in the Area Episodes #11 Anime Review

We turn back to the Enoshima club, and things are not all rosy there. The joining of the two soccer teams was never quite natural, and now the strains begin to tear apart the weak threads that bound them. The biggest problem is that the former SC members expect strict discipline and hard practicing, while the FC members are too lax, and Coach Iwaki does nothing to push them to work a little harder. It eventually gets to be too much for Sawamura, the team captain and former SC player, who walks off the field along with several other leading SC veterans. It’s not a good situation, as the break appears to be fixed so long as Iwaki is coach. Kakeru and Nana beg Sawamura to return, but he is firm in his refusal under the current regime.

Things get interesting again when Kakeru visits the doctor and while there learns that Leonardo Silva, his late brother’s friend and rival, is currently going to high school in Japan. Could it be that he is there specifically to match himself against Kakeru? Read More... 


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