Knight In The Area Episode #13 Anime Review

So, it’s the day of the first match, and Enoshima has a tough opponent to face: Shonan High, which is affiliated with Keiso University. Compared to the artificial turf field Enoshima has, Shonan has its own small soccer stadium, with real grass. Last year, Enoshima lost to Shonan High, but this year, they are a different team. First of all, they have Iwaki’s players in addition to the best of the former Soccer Club. Secondly, they have Iwaki’s imaginative strategy.

The Shonan players are arrogant, and they pay for it early. They think they have an easy time penetrating Enoshima’s defense, but in reality, Iwaki is using strategy again. While he’s using a 2-5-3 formation, which is heavily offensive in how it distributes the players, the entire team is under orders to collapse the defense and reform it ahead of the attack: in simpler language, while on paper it looks like there are only 2 defenders, most of the players fall back immediately when the other team has the ball, strengthening the defense. It takes good conditioning to do this, but if a team has that, it makes it very hard for their opponents to be able to isolate any of the defenders and get a good line on the goal. Read More... 


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