The Knight in the Area Episode #14 Anime Review

So, it’s on to the next match for Enoshima. Things are not going all that well for Kakeru. He might have mastered a new ball handling trick the night before, but he doesn’t seem to be able to reproduce it during the match. That’s because he’s too focused on thinking about what he did. Of course, Coach Iwaki has to substitute him out before he causes too much damage (when he lost the ball once, it led to a goal for the other team). Hino comes in and scores a goal, but that doesn’t really help Kakeru. Iwaki tries to convince Kakeru to go back to his usual style of avoiding defenders, but he states flatly that he can’t give up on trying to master a feint.

Yes, he’s a self-centered brat. Like all the best strikers in the world.

Enoshima does manage to win the game (with Araki putting in a Beckham-esque curling shot on a free kick, followed by another goal). But the team stays to watch the next match featuring Shonan High (apparently a different Shonan High from last time, the one associated with Keiso), a team that features an iron defense (and has an old acquaintance of Kakeru’s on their roster). After the team heads home, Mr. Kondo and Nana stay to watch the next match, whose winner will be playing Enoshima in the future. All Japan High is a Top 8 team; their opponent Tsujido Academy, is an unknown. But later on back at school, after some technical difficulties (otherwise known as blatant Nana-service), the team is show a video made by Nana of parts of the game. It appears that Tsujido won 4-0, using trick plays. And their coach is an old teammate of Iwaki’s one with similar imagination and cleverness. Enoshima may have a tough time ahead of them in the next match. Read More... 


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